JPexam EC-COUNCILの312-75試験スタディガイドはあなたのキャリアの灯台になれます。JPexamは全ての受かるべき312-75試験を含めていますから、JPexamを利用したら、あなたは試験に合格することができるようになります。これは絶対に賢明な決断です。恐い研究の中から逸することができます。JPexamがあなたのヘルパーで、JPexamを手に入れたら、半分の労力でも二倍の効果を得ることができます。



試験科目:Certified EC-Council Instructor (CEI)
問題と解答:全50問 312-75 復習問題集



JPexamの312-75問題集の超低い価格に反して、 JPexamに提供される問題集は最高の品質を持っています。そして、もっと重要なのは、JPexamは質の高いサービスを提供します。望ましい問題集を支払うと、あなたはすぐにそれを得ることができます。JPexamのサイトはあなたが最も必要なもの、しかもあなたに最適な試験参考書を持っています。312-75問題集を購入してから、また一年間の無料更新サービスを得ることもできます。一年以内に、あなたが持っている資料を更新したい限り、JPexamは最新バージョンの312-75問題集を捧げます。JPexamはあなたに最大の利便性を与えるために全力を尽くしています。




NO.1 You are delivering a lecture to a new group of learners. At different points in the lecture
students have problems understanding the new concepts. Select two techniques below that you can
use to help them overcome their confusion:
A. Give additional examples about the concept.
B. Make minor re-sequencing of activities to meet learner's needs-
C. Restate the information you just gave about the concept.
Answer: A

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NO.2 During the ENSA program, you notice that one of the students in the class does not have the
prerequisites for the course.
Which of these actions is an appropriate method for you to do?
A. Modify the pace of the course so that the student can accommodate and learn the course
objectives effectively.
B. Ignore such students and continue the class.
C. Ask the student to cancel his admission and leave the classroom immediately.
D. Tell the student that you can assist the student, but without the basic knowledge requested for
the course it would be difficult for him/her to successfully complete the program.
Answer: D

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NO.3 The following three elements make up Professional Credibility:
A. Content Credibility Personal Credibility
B. Social Credibility
C. Technical Credibility
D. Field Experience Credibility
Answer: A,D

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NO.4 Which of the following is NOT an assumption made when analyzing course materials and
learner information?
A. All important learner characteristics are available to the instructor in advance.
B. Different learners learn at different rates.
C. Different learners learn in different ways.
D. Learners come to a training situation knowing different things.
Answer: A

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6. The most important reason an instructor must establish and maintain credibility is:
A. Students are less likely to make personal attacks on the instructor.
B. Students rail not be open to learning course objectives if they do not fully accept the instructor
C. Students need a role model.
Answer: B

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NO.5 As an instructor it is very important that you demonstrate excellent personal sell-esteem.
Select two ways of demonstrating this in class:(Select two)
A. Purchase the students pizza on the first day of class.
B. Allow for positive differences of opinion within the classroom.
C. Ask overhead questions.
D. Invite and be open to having students share experiences that may be different from the
E. Ask directed questions.
Answer: C,D

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