試験科目:Implementing HP MSM Wireless Networks
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試験科目:Support and Service HP StoreOnce Solutions
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NO.1 A local retail company needs to replicate data between a current and a new HP StoreOnce
device. What is the best method to seed the replicated data?
A. Tape Replication
B. Remote Location
C. Low Bandwidth Replication
D. Co-location
Answer: B

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NO.2 Which type of target appears to the host as a supported tape library?
Answer: B

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I&ac.admitted=1386825067213.876444892.199480143(page 11, virtual tape library targets for
backup applications)

NO.3 What is stored on an HP StoreOnce Backup System G2 internal USB flash stick? (Select two.)
A. All HBA, USB, and NIC firmware drivers for the HP StoreOnce device
B. A copy of the serial.txt, license.txt. and saap.txt files
C. Dsm.txt and so.log files from the HP StoreOnce appliance
D. A version of Linux as the operating system
E. A copy of the configuration of the D2D appliance
Answer: B,C

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NO.4 A customer has three HP StoreOnce VSAs and ten HP StoreOnce 2620 systems across data
centers in various countries. The customer plans to implement a new RoBo concept to replicate nine
new branch offices to one single 2620 system. The RoBo concept will include the three VSAs.
What must the customer consider before implementing this HP StoreOnce replication solution?
A. An HP StoreOnce VSA can only act as a replication source device.
B. Catalyst replication between the HP StoreOnce VSA and the physical system needs SEM.
C. Cross replication between all systems is always a best practice.
D. Eight source appliances can replicate to a single HP StoreOnce 2620.
Answer: B

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NO.5 You implement HP StoreOnce Enterprise Manager (SEM) to monitor your HP StoreOnce
devices. The customer plans to increase the amount of data backup. What is the functionality of
SEM that will help the customer analyze the current situation?
A. Seeding Ratio for Replication
B. Support Ticket log file statistics
C. Housekeeping and Tape Offloading
D. Forecasts for better planning
Answer: D

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NO.6 A service engineer is planning an upgrade from Replication Manager 2.1 to HP StoreOnce
Enterprise Manager (SEM) at a customer site. What is helpful for the service engineer and the
customer to know about the upgrade?
A. Catalyst Replication can only be configured through HP SEM.
B. The default user account will be the same as on the HP StoreOnce device.
C. A support ticket collection feature is included.
D. SEM communicates only via the default http/https Ports 80 and 443.
Answer: A

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NO.7 A customer wants to use HP StoreOnce Catalyst on an HP StoreOnce 4420. Which benefits can
Catalyst provide to the customer? (Select two.)
A. Catalyst enablescopies to be controlled by the backup application and multi-hop replication using
Catalyst devices
B. Catalystenablesstores to be created on all HP StoreOnce models with 10 Gbit network
connectivity, including HP StoreOnce VSA
C. enables low-bandwidth backup due to moving some of the deduplication processing to the
source side without rehydration
D. enables a maximum of five source Catalyst stores to be copied into a single target Catalyst store
on an HP StoreOnce 4420 single node system
E. enables end users to control the whole backup operation in HP Data Protector through a
hardware interface
Answer: A,B

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NO.8 Which function should NOT be performed through the HP StoreOnce device's iLO port?
A. network gateway assignment
B. remote console access
C. hardware failure reporting
D. virtual power button shut down
Answer: B

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