試験科目:Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst
問題と解答:全272問 BCABA 認定資格



JPexam のBACBのBCABA問題集は100パーセント検証とテストを通過したもので、認定試験に合格する専門的な指導者です。JPexam のBACBのBCABA練習問題集と解答は実践の検査に合格したソフトウェアで、最も受験生に合うトレーニングツールです。 JPexamで、あなたは一番良い準備資料を見つけられます。その資料は練習問題と解答に含まれています。弊社の資料があなたに練習を実践に移すチャンスを差し上げ、あなたはぜひBACBのBCABA試験に合格して自分の目標を達成できます。

IT業界の一员として、君はまだIT認証試験を悩んでいますか?認証試験はITの専門知識を主なテストとして別に初めてIT関連の認証試験に参加する受験生にとってはとても難しいとみされます。良い対応性の訓練が必要で、JPexam の問題集をお勧めます。


NO.1 A reversal design does NOT permit an evaluation of an intervention for:
A. compliance.
B. reading acquisition.
C. self-injury.
D. stereotypy.
Answer: B

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NO.2 In general, when a behavior analyst is asked to help someone make friends, the behavior
analyst shoulD.
A. avoid interfering in interpersonal relationships.
B. refer the person to a counselor, social worker, or other professional.
C. evaluate the current social repertoire.
D. set up a social skills training program.
Answer: C


NO.3 Before recruitment of participants for a research study begins, a behavior analyst needs to:
A. obtain consent from participant(s) or legal guardian(s) if necessary.
B. obtain institutional review board approval or equivalent (e.g., an ethics committee).
C. inform participants of their ability to withdraw from the study.
D. inform participants about ethical requirements and experimental procedures.
Answer: B


NO.4 A person engages in target behaviors in environments different from the original training
environment. This is a demonstration of
A. stimulus generalization.
B. response generalization.
C. stimulus discrimination.
D. response induction.
Answer: A

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NO.5 The systematic presentation and examination of information in an ABC format, where A
represents the antecedent stimuli, B represents the behavior, and C represents the consequences
following the behavior, is calleD.
A. a consequence analysis.
B. a functional analysis.
C. a response analysis.
D. a descriptive assessment.
Answer: D


NO.6 Which procedure is used in fading physical prompts?
A. forward chaining
B. backward chaining
C. graduated guidance
D. least-to-most prompting
Answer: C


NO.7 Terry notices that his heart rate increases and he begins to sweat when he enters the
dentist's office because the office is associated with painful, unpleasant dental work. He also is
reluctant to make appointments and seems to want to do anything else but go to the dentist. His
physical symptoms are an example oF.
A. operant behavior.
B. respondent behavior.
C. escape conditioning.
D. aversive conditioning.
Answer: B


NO.8 What must happen for an alternating-treatments design to be optimally effective?
A. An additional return to baseline is undertaken.
B. Criterion changes are gradual to ensure compliance.
C. Participants discriminate easily between treatment conditions.
D. Participants engage in multiple problem behaviors.
Answer: C